Seeing at the Nanoscale 2012' conference, which will take place at the Wills Memorial Building, University of Bristol, UK, from July 9th-11th 2012

Conference Overview

We are pleased to announce Seeing at the Nanoscale 2012, the tenth annual scientific conference focusing on nanostructural imaging, characterization, and technique development in Biology, Energy, and Material Science Applications using scanning probe microscopy (SPM) and related techniques.

Wills Memorial Building
Wills Memorial Building

The event will be held from July 09th-11th, 2012, at the Wills Memorial Building, University of Bristol in the United Kingdom.

The conference is jointly organized by Bruker, the University of Bristol, the Bristol Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information, and promises to build on the biological and physical sciences interdisciplinary strengths of each organization.

The event includes 2 ½ days of technical presentations and posters, with ample networking opportunities to interact with leading SPM scientists. The conference acts as a forum to discuss and solve problems through brainstorming and hands-on experience. In conjunction with the conference, Bruker will host ahalf day training course covering a variety of atomic force microscopy (AFM) techniques.

The conference chairman Prof. Mervyn Miles and co-chairman Prof. Heinrich Hörber, as well as the conference organizers are delighted that Toshio Ando has accepted our invitation to be the conference keynote and that the following speakers have accepted invitations to give plenary talks (for full details, go to the Session and Invited Speakers page): Yves Dufrêne (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium), Simon Scheuring (INSERM/University of Marseille, France), Jean-Luc Pellequer (CEA Marcoule, France), Evangelos Eleftheriou (IBM Research, Switzerland), David Fermin (University of Bristol, UK), Markus Raschke(University of Colorado, USA), Franz J. Giessibl (University of Regensburg, Germany), Rainer Hillenbrand (CIC nanoGUNE, Spain), Georg Schitter (Vienna University of Technology, Austria), Julius Vancso (University of Twente, NL), Jamie Hobbs (University of Sheffield, UK), Thilo Glatzel (University of Basel, Switzerland).

Join the leaders of the field to explore the future of nanotechnology using SPM and related techniques: BOOK THE DATE: 09th-11th July, Bristol, UK.

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